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Sample NFL Outlaw Line Posting Page

The NFL Outlaw Line reflects only the weekly early picks. The final free football prediction selections are published later in the week. To receive an email when the pages are posted, visit here: Get Free Football Picks


What is the NFL Outlaw Line?


NFL Week 1 Outlaw Point Spread Line and Total Points Outlaw Line as of          Sample Page


NFL Game w/ early Vegas Line

CF %

Projected score


NFL Outlaw Line
Point Spread

Outlaw Line Total Points

Outlaw Line Early ATS Pick


Minnesota at New Orleans






Miami at Buffalo






Detroit at Chicago






Oakland at Tennessee






Cincinnati at New England






Carolina at NY Giants






Atlanta at Pittsburgh






Cleveland at Tampa Bay






Denver at Jacksonville






Indianapolis at Houston






San Francisco at Seattle






Green Bay at Philadelphia






Arizona at St. Louis






Dallas at Washington






Baltimore at NY Jets






San Diego at Kansas City






How to read the table: Teams are listed with the Vegas line as of Tuesday. Computer pick has the +/- spread with it.  % is the Confidence Factor. The projected score is visitor-home team.  The NFL Outlaw Line is shown next Total Points Line.

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NFL Outlaw Line: This is the line based on statistical analysis of the performance factors of the teams. The Early NFL Outlaw line is provided each week. This Pro Football Outlaw Line is based on NFL power rankings for each team in a computer generated statistical matrix which generates a probability factor for over 50 game variables. The result is a projected NFL Team matchup analysis which provides a calculated score for each game and establishes the point spread and total points expected to be scored. It is a raw number, not adjusted for injuries or weather. Typically the NFL Outlaw Line is then adjusted by the sportsbooks for betting action, and the point spread is also adjusted to balance the betting load. The DoverPro NFL Outlaw Line also provides a Confidence Factor (%), an indication of how confident we are in the Calculations. For more information about this. see the NFL Point Spread Page.

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Week 1 NFL Outlaw Line

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