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Years ago when I would bet football games, I made every mistake imaginable, and, like many other people who bet football, overall I lost more often than I won, and could never seem to figure out why. So during a long and cold winter one year I decided to learn everything I could about football betting. After a few months of serious research, I came to the conclusion that almost everything I had been doing was wrong. I had been betting based on emotion, for favorite teams, against bad odds, and not listening to the experts and tracking the trends. So I decided to come up with a betting system on my own that would provide winning selections. I had to learn to think differently.


The idea of sports betting is not which TEAM wins or loses, points or straight up, the idea is what BET wins!


The first goal was to try to beat a football card. I decided to use a technique for finding winners called Data Mining. Briefly put, it involves finding good sources of information, evaluating that data, and selecting a consensus of the best and most likely winning sources. I would not make the picks myself, but would use the "cream of the crop" of experts advice. And I would create my own consensus of the best of the best!


And it worked! The system I came up with will beat the football cards over the season. Applying the top picks to football cards produces positive results over the football season. The system has since grown to include ATS picks, SU Moneyline picks, and over/under picks. Since I have to do the work anyway, I am sharing this system for absolutely free. And I have never had a losing season since I started this system!


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Please see the Disclaimer below! This site does not endorse any online gambling sites whatsoever for any reason, nor do we advertise those sites or promote them. Many of them are simply scams. AVOID THEM!


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