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2015 NFL strength of schedule figures, based on opponents' winning percentage last season.   Courtesy of ESPN

NFL Strength of Schedule
1. Pittsburgh.5781. San Francisco.5821. Seattle.598
2. Cincinnati.5632. Oakland.5742. Pittsburgh.590
3. San Francisco.5613. Cincinnati.5703. St. Louis.582
4. Seattle.5594. Miami.5704. Kansas City.566
5. Arizona.5575. Arizona.5665. Cleveland.559
6. St. Louis.5536. Denver.5666. Cincinnati.555
7. Kansas City.5457. Pittsburgh.5667. New England.555
8. Oakland.5458. Buffalo.5668. Baltimore.551
9. Cleveland.5439. Green Bay.5559. N.Y. Jets.547
10. Denver.54110. Minnesota.54710. Arizona.547
11. Baltimore.53911. Chicago.53111. San Francisco.539
12. Minnesota.53912. Detroit.53112. Chicago.531
13. Chicago.53113. Baltimore.52713. Minnesota.531
14. Green Bay.52914. Cleveland.52714. Detroit.523
15. Detroit.52715. St. Louis.52315. San Diego.520
16. San Diego.51816. Kansas City.52316. Oakland.516
17. Miami.49217. Seattle.52017. Denver.516
18. N.Y. Jets.48818. San Diego.51618. Green Bay.504
19. Buffalo.48619. N.Y. Giants.49619. Washington.488
20. N.Y. Giants.47920. Jacksonville.48020. Philadelphia.488
21. Washington.47921. Dallas.48021. Tampa Bay.473
22. New England.47722. Carolina.47722. New Orleans.473
23. Philadelphia.47523. Washington.46923. N.Y. Giants.461
24. Dallas.46724. Philadelphia.46124. Dallas.453
25. Jacksonville.46325. Atlanta.44925. Houston.445
26. Tennessee.43626. Tennessee.44126. Jacksonville.445
27. Carolina.43427. N.Y. Jets.43027. Indianapolis.434
28. New Orleans.43028. Indianapolis.39828. Tennessee.430
29. Tampa Bay.42629. New England.39829. Miami.414
30 .Houston.41830. Houston.39130. Buffalo.406
31. Indianapolis.41631. New Orleans.38731. Carolina.391
32. Atlanta.41032. Tampa Bay.37932. Atlanta.371
Source: ESPN Stats & Information

By Division

NFC East
New York Giants.479.496.461
Washington Redskins.479.469.488
Philadelphia Eagles.475.461.488
Dallas Cowboys.467.480.453
NFC North
Minnesota Vikings.539.547.531
Chicago Bears.531.531.531
Green Bay Packers.529.555.504
Detroit Lions.527.531.523
NFC South
Carolina Panthers.434.477.391
New Orleans Saints.430.387.473
Tampa Bay Buccaneers.426.379.473
Atlanta Falcons.410.449.371
NFC West
San Francisco 49ers.561.582.539
Seattle Seahawks.559.520.598
Arizona Cardinals.557.566.547
St. Louis Rams.553.523.582
AFC East
Miami Dolphins.492.570.414
New York Jets.488.430.547
Buffalo Bills.486.566.406
New England Patriots.477.398.555
AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers.578.566.590
Cincinnati Bengals.563.570.555
Cleveland Browns.543.527.559
Baltimore Ravens.539.527.551
AFC South
Jacksonville Jaguars.463.480.445
Tennessee Titans.436.441.430
Houston Texans.418.391.445
Indianapolis Colts.416.398.434
AFC West
San Diego Chargers.518.516.520
Denver Broncos.541.566.516
Oakland Raiders.545.574.516
Kansas City Chiefs.545.523.566
Source: ESPN Stats & Information
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