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2014 Superbowl NFL Playoffs Outlaw Line Point Spread

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The NFL Outlaw Line provides amazingly accurate final score statistical projections compared to the early LVSC NFL Point Spread Line and publishes Early Picks against the spread. These Picks may change during the week.

The Final NFL DoverPro ATS OU and SU Picks are posted on Thursdays at noon. Updates may follow.

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NFL Superbowl Outlaw Line Point Spread †† -†††† 1/28/2015 11:00 AM EST  

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Projected score

NFL Outlaw Line
Point Spread

Outlaw Line Total Points

NFL Outlaw Line Early ATS Pick
















Sunday February 2, 2015












Seattle vs New England -148



Patriots -4


Patriots -1


































































































How to read this table. Teams are listed with the LVSC line as of Tuesday. CF% is the Confidence factor of the Projected Score.
Outlaw Line point spread and total points are next. The final column is the Early Week NFL
ATS selection.  Final NFL Picks are posted Thursdays

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