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Our SuperBowl Picks against the spread are based computer statistical data from the NFL Power Rankings,
consensus surveys of public and private handicapper sites and special sources.  



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Updated on Saturday 2/6/10 at Noon


Final Free Football Picks Update for Superbowl Sunday! 2/7/2010 @ Noon!

Final picks are based on the DoverPro Outlaw line! 

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NFL Team / Vegas Line

OL = Outlaw line (See Below*)

Computer Pick / Percentage Probability

Public  Consensus

Handicapper Consensus

Special Source

Free Football Pick





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Straight Up Superbowl Pick


















New Orleans Saints vs

Indianapolis Colts -6






3 units


U 57










ATS Superbowl Pick


















New Orleans Saints vs

Indianapolis Colts -6

OL: Colts -4






4 units


U 57**

2 units










Teaser: 6 point teaser:           Saints plus 12 Under 63

3 units












Proposition Bets:      Manning to win MVP

1 unit



                                Reggie Bush to score a touchdown: 1-1.6       

1 unit



                                Most yards passing:  Colts

2 units



                                Most yards running:  Colts

  1 unit



This week’s NFL free SUPERBOWL best bet top picks are in red, with the unit bet in the square and the rank both highlighted.


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Outlaw Line: This is the line based on statistical analysis of the performance factors of the teams. This is the “starting line” for all games. This line is then adjusted by the oddsmakers to reflect betting action on the game, adding or subtracting points as needed to “balance the load” of actual or anticipated betting action. The outlaw line can change during the week, right up until game time.

Superbowl Outlaw Line and Early ATS Picks

How to use this table.

Each team is shown with both the Vegas Line and the Outlaw Line. The outlaw line is included for informational purposes. The columns reflect the strength of each category by asterisks, the more the better. We have also added our Confidence Percentage for our computer pick. This percentage is the probability the pick will win. Our pick is listed in the near final column near the rank of the pick. The top picks are bold in red. For each top pick, we assign a unit value to the pick. The number of units equals the strength of the pick. For example if you usually bet $10 on a play, a 5 unit play would be $50. Use this information wisely! While we have historically provided highly accurate picks, as they say, past performance is no guarantee of future accuracy. Gambling can be habit forming. Never bet more than you can reasonably afford to lose.

Good luck and have fun, Fantasy Football Players!

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